Software Engineering Service 

PRSC’s general software consulting will focus on web based application development, software as a service (SAAS), and mobile application development. Mr. Matsushita has extensive experience in all of these areas through his work with AirSet for the past 6 years. These are some of the most sought after engineering skills in Silicon Valley todays as the vast majority of startup companies are offering products and services in one of these areas. Most startup companies are under-staffed and have a hard time hiring the experienced engineering talent necessary to bring their products to market. PRSC will provide the skills and experience necessary to help these companies deliver their products.

Since PRSC provides additional development skills for under-staffed startup companies, it expects to receive web based application contracts.  Under these engagements, PRSC will walk clients through the whole development cycle once a project is assigned and will be fully in charge of the project.  It is expected that the following cycle from engagement to completion of the project will be normal within PRSC.

After the startup company client plans the project and engages PRSC, our Software Engineers will prepare the details of the project and develop engineering time estimates, which include the time for coding, testing, and debugging until its release. According to the length of the engineering time, the price for the project will be determined. After the project is completed and released, PRSC will continue to be engaged by the client to support the product and, if necessary, make changes or corrections if errors or further development is found or needed.  PRSC will then work on debugging and testing the product, and submits the update.  PRSC will also provide documents and continue support and improvement on the project as far as the clients engages PRSC. Documentation will be used by PRSC engineers as well as the startup company client hires in-house engineers. 

APAC Services

In addition to providing general software consulting services, PRSC will help clients design their products for easy localization to Asian markets.